Artist's Charcoal

The Perfect Drawing Material

The Dorset Charcoal Company supplies a number of different forms of charcoal for artistic purposes.

• Fine Art: Charcoal Sticks, Blocks, Powder and Ash are supplied to many highly talented artists for use in their work, most notably Rosie Emerson.

• Art Boxes: A selection of finest drawing charcoal made from well managed local willow. The selection comprises of a mixture of sticks and blocks, with a range in thickness of sticks and an assortment of natural blocks.

• Schools and Colleges: We supply 10 litre buckets of assorted high quality natural willow charcoal lumps (as opposed to sticks) at very competitive prices.

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Charcoal Sticks - 15cm

Rosie Emerson - Local Artist

Rosie Emerson

"The Dorset Charcoal Company supply wonderful artists grade charcoal, they have also been useful in suppling me with various grades of powder and ash. It is a quality product, beautiful to use, the charcoal powder is surprisingly sparkly, and it is good to know it has come from sustainable source too."
Rosie Emerson 2014

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Exhibitions, Festivals and Shows

Lumpwood Dorset Charcoal was used at the spectacular Inside Out Festival of Light in Bournemouth Gardens at the end of the summer of 2008.

As well as supplying the Fire and Light Display in Southampton city centre in november 2010.

More recently in November 2013 Dorset Charcoal was used by pa Boom for their Hot Heads show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Our charcoal was also used at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2013,

Assorted Charcoal Blocks - 5-10cm

Artist's Charcoal Blocks

Toby Wiggins' portrait of Jim Bettle

Industrial Charcoal Grade-3

Local artist Toby Wiggins' charcoal drawing of Jim Bettle is now in the National Portrait Gallery.

Drawing with Charcoal

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