Charcoal FInes

Industrial Charcoal Fines

Charcoal Fines for Indutsrial Uses

The Dorset Charcoal Company provides all grades of charcoal, charcoal fines and charcoal powder from a variety of wood species for numerous industrial purposes.

Fines are the smaller particles of charcoal and can be graded to any specification you require.

Charcoal Has Many Industrial Uses...

Charcoal is used in many industries for a vast range of purposes including: Cosmetics, Pollution Control, Laborartory Testing, Distillery, "High Heat" Welding, Copper and Iron Smelting, Firework and Gunpowder manufacture.

Laboratory Testing: Charcoal is supplied to research companies for use in laboratory testing work.
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Construction: Charcoal is often used in traditional building techniques either as a poxylan or a pigment in lime mortars by specialised building firms. Amongst other conservation building projects Dorset charcoal was used in the restoration of Windsor Castle after the fire in the 1990's.

Single Species Burns: Please contact us if you have special requirements as we are able to produce specific species charcoal if required, graded to any specification from the largest lumpwood to the finest powder.

Filtration & Pollution Control: We supply charcoal for use in filters, for amongst other things to aid in pollution control and spillcare.

Charcoal Grade 4

Industrial Charcoal Grade-4

Charcoal Grade 3

Industrial Charcoal Grade-3

Charcoal Grade 2

Industrial Charcoal Grade-2

Charcoal Grade 1

Industrial Charcoal Grade-1
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