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Charcoal To Suit All Requirements

Jim Bettle lighting a charcoal kiln

The Dorset Charcoal Company produces top quality charcoal and firewood from 100% natural hardwood grown in well-managed local woodlands to suit all requirements and aims to continue to publicise the benefits of doing so. Your help is greatly appreciated
so please continue to Buy British and Burn British!

Charcoal's digestive benefits for pets and horses

Buy Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Suppliment online.

Look out for our feature in Februarys Edition of NFU Countryside Magazine. Highlighting the wonderful benefits of our animal feed charcoal.

In November 2016 The Blackmore Vale Magazine published an article about our fine granular charcoal animal feed suppliment and it's effectiveness at improving the condition of horses and other animals.
Click here to read the full article.

Dorset Charcoal is easy to light

Dorset Charcoal - How to light a barbecue.
Watch our demonstration of how to light a barbeque using only paper and a lighter. This video is speeded up 20x to 1 minute.

High quality charcoal is saving our woodlands

Dorset charcoal is not only the sound environmental option but is also a high grade fuel. With carbon content as high as 90% compared to only 60% in many imported varieties, charcoal produced from British hardwoods is unsurpassed in it’s burning characteristics.

All our charcoal is produced locally in Dorset from 100% local hardwood species from well managed woodlands. We strive to not only produce the finest quality charcoal products but to maintain and look after our beautiful local surroundings by keeping and managing the woodlands.

The Dorset Charcoal Company specialises in the production and supply of a range of Charcoal Products; from lumpwood for barbecues, to Biochar for gardeners, to powder for pyrotechnics, as well as Granular Charcoal as an Animal Feed Supplement to name but a few.

Bringing neglected woodlands back into management, or by finding a use for low value timber such as sawmill waste and thinnings, The Dorset Charcoal Company is producing truely sustainable local charcoal for a variety of markets.

Why Promote Dorset Charcoal & Firewood?

Using wood as a fuel has a number of benefits. Firstly, contrary to what many people think burning wood and charcoal can be environmentally beneficial. Much of the woodland in the UK is semi-natural woodland and benefits from being managed. Many small woodlands are under-managed, so cutting firewood and producing charcoal from them can help rekindle traditional woodland management to the benefit of both the trees, the wildlife and the owners. Continued neglect is not an option for these woodlands.

Bringing coppice woodlands back into rotations encourages a greater diversity of flora and fauna. Cutting wood opens up woodlands for flowers, insects, birds and small mammals letting in light. Dorsets woodlands are seldom ‘natural’ but have developed thanks to a long history of management by man. New woodfuel markets will secure the future of our historic wooded landscapes.

In addition producing charcoal and using wood as a fuel also benefits the rural economy by providing local employment, and an opportunity for diversification for farmers and other landowners to find value in low grade wood. Also local deliveries eliminate the necessity for long-haul transportation and the production and supply of local charcoal has been shown to reduce fossil fuel consumption by over 85%, compared with imports from South America or South Africa. Moreover, providing the wood comes from a sustainable source, as ours does, wood is a source of renewable stored solar energy.

Barbecue charcoal being put into sacks.

Green Award Winner 2016

Winner of the
Green Award 2016

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Charcaol is the new Black for Chefs

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Granular Charcoal Animal Feed

We're now selling Granular Charcoal as an animal feed Supplement Online! Available direct from us in 1,5 and 10 litre buckets.

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Environmental Effects of Charcoal

Is burning charcoal and firewood bad for the environment?

Well, trees turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into carbon (wood) which we can burn to create energy, a truly renewable resource so long as the wood comes from a sustainable source and is burned in a clean, efficient way, close to where it was felled.



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